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A bit of the past

Philadelphia, 1933: Little did brothers Pat and Harry Olivieri know that their decision to have a steak sandwich for lunch instead of the usual hot dog they served in their modest stand was about to revolutionize eating habits in Philadelphia, and bring to the USA a delicious creation that spread like wild fire. By 1940, a new establishment dedicated to the one and only Steak sandwich had to be necessarily created. Many more quickly followed.


In the 1960’s the sandwich received a revolutionary addition to its recipe: Cheese! The original sandwich was served with only beef and onions in a bun. With the arrival of cheese smothered on the delicious concoction, the rest, as they say, is history.

Washington D.C., 1989: The young Lebanese emigrant Khalil Assaad laid the pillars of the first Steak & Cheese Factory outlet in Washington D.C. with the aim of re-engineering the taste to bring in not only double but triple the pleasure of the original.

27 years later, as this brand branches out across North America and recently the Middle East with Europe soon on the horizon, the unforgettable blend of triple pleasure cheeses, sauces fresh vegetables and none else but prime quality filet steaks can be said to have received cross-continent thumbs up. From Canada to Beirut and very soon to the UK, this creation is making strides towards bringing the world a mouth-watering, repeat-order experience, time and again. 

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